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Top 5 Boons Of Plain Corrugated Boxes

Posted by Admin on February, 19, 2022

Do you aware of the fact that around 95% of all products in India are shipped in plain corrugated boxes? Due to the emerging needs of the packaging industry, the demands for plain corrugated boxes are also increasing. Corrugated boxes are gradually becoming the material of choice for many businesses, especially the packaging trend. But what are the reasons behind the immense popularity of these corrugated boxes? The plain corrugated boxes are becoming popular due to their high accessibility, reasonability and low weight. But before knowing the boons of these corrugated boxes we need to have a primary concept of what a plain corrugated box is.

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The plain corrugated boxes are one of the special types of carton boxes that are robust and highly credible for stocking and shipping various merchandise. These boxes are generally made with high-quality corrugated paper boards. Let’s take a look at the major characteristics of corrugated boxes and the reasons behind their popularity in the packaging industry.

Maximum Security
One of the primary characteristics of corrugated boxes are they are powerful and tougher than regular cardboard boxes. When it comes to the matter of shipping and dealing with various products, the corrugated boxes act as safe cushions so that the products inside them don’t get any kind of damage. Corrugated boxes can withstand certain bacterial attacks and be moisture-resistant when it comes to the matter of shipping and handling certain food items.

Can Be Easily Customized
Another fascinating characteristic of corrugated boxes are they can be easily customized. In recent years, the demand for customized boxes are growing due to the intensivecreativity associated with customization. Miscellaneous plain corrugated box manufacturers in India can deliver you the best quality customized corrugated boxes as per the requirements of your business.

Perfect For Branding
As we stated in the previous point corrugated boxes are great for creating brand awareness. You can simply add some beautiful quotes with social messages or some elegant brand logos on the surface of the boxes. In this way, you can promote your brand as well as assure the best quality packaging of your products.

Highly Affordable
Another intriguing benefit of corrugated boxes is they are highly affordable than anyone could ever think of. Corrugated boxes need minimum labour costs and fewer devices in their production. Due to this less expensive aspect, corrugated boxes add very little cost to the whole price of the product.The plain corrugated boxes can be easily recycled.

Portable And Biodegradable
When it comes to the issue of shipping and handling heavy products, no one would want to add additional weight by using heavy packaging material. In this context, corrugated boxes are the perfect fit for strong and durable yet portable and lightweight packaging options. Corrugated boxes are made with 70-100% recycled ingredients that makes them eco-friendly and one of the green packaging material. Corrugated boxes are easy to recycle, re-use, re-purpose and easy to expunge because most of the corrugated boxes manufacturers in India don’t use any bleach or dyes for their making. Corrugated boxes can be available in numerous sizes, shapes, patterns, thicknesses which make them one of the most flexible packaging materials. Corrugated boxes can be easily folded up and used later.

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So nothing can beat corrugated boxes as an efficient packaging option. Next time when you need some effective packaging do select corrugated boxes without any hesitations. To know more approach us now.

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